Empfohlen [TvT 100] Rolling Thunder is back #26 am 05.05.2019 ab 19Uhr!!

Rolling Thunder Edition #26 is scheduled for May 5th, 2019.

Time: 18.30 UTC (20.30 CEST)

Rolling Thunder TS3: TS3 vs15.tserverhq.com:6247 no pass

Scenario: Rosche (Germany)

MBTs: Leopard vs T100

Full details coming soon!


Repo Download Link

(An event has been created on A3Sync called Rolling Thunder #26

Only mod for the event are needed!)


Edition #26 will be an Invitational Event that will feature:

  • Advanced Flight Model
  • ACRE2
  • ACE3

Mods: CBA3, ACE3, ACRE2, Rosche, CUP Terrains – Core, MBG Buildings 3 (Arma2 Legacy), RT26mod

Mods will be distributed through A3Sync and Steam

If you would like to participate to the event, please post in the forum your interest!

GAMESERVER: port 2302
PSW: metal *(will be changed for the battle)*
Mission: RT26 on Rosche

See you in RT #26!

Dank und Gruß Euer OPT-Team.

P.S. Wir haben für uns 3 Panzer für dieses Event reservieren lassen und hoffen nun auf Eure Unterstützung!!

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  • brache nur nachhilfe mit acre den grossen funken ;) wenn ich eins benutzen müsste

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