[TvT 100] Rolling Thunder is back with GM-DLC #30 am 07.06.2019 ab 19Uhr!!

Hallo Zusammen!

Da wir Aufgrund unserer Schlacht am Sonntag leider nicht mitmachen konnten ist auch schon ein neuer Termin bei dem Panzer-Event von "RT" für uns von Interesse :

The date is not yet set - it will be end of May/early June, most likely June 7th. In this topic I will record those who expressed an interest.

If you are interested please contact me directly or reply to this topic so we start organizing, thank you

Of course GM DLC will be a requirement.


Interested groups:

Of course our group (BDR) who reserves 6-7 slots (2 tanks + 1 engi)


9 tank roles and 3 recon/atgm/heli


9 tank crew slots (1 tank platoon)


6 to 10 slots - AT roles + other roles if 10 slots

Gruppe Adler

Slots (15?) to be confirmed


Slots (9?) to be confirmed

SealTeam10 [ST10]

3 slots


3 slots (1 tank)

Brig2020, 1 Tank,

Commander Hartman, Driver Montie, Gunner Damien

CoroBaitMk3 1 slot

Benötigt wird für dieses Event das "GM-DLC"!!

Wir haben schon mal die ersten 9 Slots reserviert und hoffen weiter auf Eure Unterstützung und sagen mal bis bald...

Dank und Gruß Euer OPT-Event-Team.

P.S.: Hier ist dann noch der Original-Link : http://www.rollingthunder.it/f…tion-global-mobilization/

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    • And @everyone the roster looks complete but 1 engi missing for side. However I had one more group request for about 7 slots. So it seems now there are more requests than slots. I urge therefore to check your numbers and confirm them

      It looks like

      ANROP 1 tank platoon + 3 ATGM + 2 AT (total 14)

      AIB 1 tank platoon (9 slots)

      Gruppe Adler 18 slots ( 1 tank platoon, 2 ATGM crews, 2 AT, 1 engi)

      OPT 1 tank platoon (9 slots)

      [ST10] 1 tank (3 slots)

      [vPzBrig21] 1 tank platoon (9 slots)

      HA [CCCP] 6 slots (ATGM/AT + engi)

      CoroBaitMk3 1 slot (engi)

      71st_AH 3 slots (AT + engi)

      Please check and confirm or tell me as fast as you can if the numbers differ from above! Thx!