"Internationales CTF-TvT-Turnier am 13.03.2019 ab 20Uhr von der ESM organisiert!"

Hi @here !

We are organising an "OLD SCHOOL CTF" night !

Date : 13/03/2019

Time : 20:00 (CET/GMT+1)

Time per rounds : 20 mins

Maps played :

- Never Scared

- The End

- Lost And Lonely

Send me a PM to sign-up.

"old school CTF" like in OFP.

No mods just pure fun.

A bit rough compared to the usual CTF because there are no buildings to enter and no vegetation wink think of it as paintball joy.


Vielleicht finden sich noch paar tapfere Recken für dieses Event bei ESM?

Dank und Gruß Euer OPT-Team.