Empfohlen [TvT 100] Rolling Thunder #27 am 16.06.2019 ab 19Uhr!!

Hello all !


I would like to repeat the Rosche battle by switching side on Sunday June 16.

Rolling Thunder Edition #27

Date: TBA

Rolling Thunder TS3: TS3

vs15.tserverhq.com:6247 no pass

Scenario: Rosche (Germany)

MBTs: Leopard vs T100

Edition #27 is mainly addressed to RT#26 participants. The idea is to repeat the same battle by switching sides. Adjustments can be made to both sides.

Mods: CBA3, ACE3_RT, ACRE2, Rosche, CUP Terrains – Core, MBG Buildings 3 (Arma2 Legacy), @BDR_events

Mods are the same as for RT#26 and distributed via Steam Collection or A3Sync Repository

A3Sync autoconfig url:

An event has been created on A3Sync called Rolling Thunder #26
Only mod for the event are needed!


Looking forward to have you back in RT #27!

Dann mal ran an die Anmeldungen damit wir den knappen Sieg des Gegners bei dem letzten Event nun auf der CSAT - Seite wieder ausgleichen!! ;)

Dank und Gruß Euer OPT-Team.

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