[TvT 140] "Large Scale Arma Combat" am 31.08.2019 ab 19Uhr!!

Hi @everyone , we’re going to be hosting a 70v70 PVP event that will take place on the 31st of August. It is going to be milsim oriented and will incorporate teamplay, communications and an AAS game mode similar to the system in Squad.

We only have ONE section left to fill and the odd space in armour and logistics and we are therefore looking for a unit and/or other individuals to take this up. It gives your Zeus a rest for a week! Feel free to PM me about any questions or for more info on the event!

General Information: - 70v70 PvP - 31st August - Chain of Command - Respawns (Main Base Only) - Infantry, Armour, Logistics and fire support (This section has control over the limited air assets we will have in the event.)

Theme: USA v. GER

Gameplay style: A mixture of PvP and milsim with organised teamplay.

Discord: https://discord.gg/kXGBXAB

Zur Info : Holen gerade noch weitere Informationen für dieses Event ein und werden Euch im Anschluss auf dem Laufenden halten...


We're looking to start our briefing at about 18:00 BST and the event at 19:00 BST.

We have a server we are setting up where we will either set a whitelist or password.

The event will be a bit like the game squad with a capture zone game mode over multiple objectives in a line.

There will be respawns at main base and transports. We are planning teamplay to work on a large scale.


Dank und Gruß Euer OPT-Team.

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